The Art of Going with the Flow

Suffering can arise from wanting 'what currently is' to be different without making room for change. How important would it be for you to be equipped with tools for developing a sustainable meditation practice to fit your lifestyle and be girded with skills that will make navigating life's stressors a lot simpler? If you've reached your limit and can't let things to go another day the way they are...this is your oasis.

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Heal Thyself

Life is an amazing adventure and with it come the bumps and bruises of venturing out into society - schooling can be a rude awakening to the challenges we will face going out into the world. Often times, during our early years of education we might have felt out of place, giving us the impression that we were not appreciated, not enough or just wrong altogether. Trauma, emotional, psychological or physical, leaves toxins and energetic blockages lodged in our subtle bodies and though we think we may have left such occurrences years behind us - the pain remains alive - and we don't understand why we are not finding peace in our lives today. We can't understand why something that happened when we were so young, or perhaps even a divorce or break up in our earlier adult life can hamper us for the rest of our lives. Learn to move these energies and release into your higher self. Within you is an oasis of comfort and contentment that will make you wonder why you hesitated so long to access your innate state of bliss. I encourage you to invest in finding that self and stepping out into your fullest potential. The greatest investment is of time and commitment - do it for you. Be well. Thrive. ❤

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Finding Your Higher Ground

You've been there, maybe snotty-nosed on the bathroom floor, unemployed or handling extreme emotional loss - you've done your work, you've managed to incorporate self care and some normalcy back into your life and you feel that now that you're back in the saddle it's time to step into your greater calling. Establishing a self-care routine that suits your schedule and ability can help you find  ways of calling in, reaching out and showing up to connect to the infinite creative intelligence that assembled you so masterfully into this unique arrangement of atoms that you are, to light up the stepping stones that will lead you to the path that has been divinely orchestrated to be expressed by your unique way of being, prepared by the exact experiences you have had and the personal growth you garnered from each of them. You have been especially crafted for a time such as this....I invite you to rise. The time is now - step into your power. 💫

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Make time for You to Restructure

Many of us believe we can't afford the time to meditate or to carve out time for a daily self care routine, but the truth is - we can't afford not to. Being tired, sleep deprived, not dealing with clearing out frustration, constantly having the sense of not being or doing what you're meant to do with your potential...these are programs running in the background daily and are depleting your power and ability to make good decisions and move forward. These workshops are packed with tools and resources that I've collected over years of researching for myself and then from sharing with others. Whether you are of more open spiritual nature or the more skeptic, science oriented seeker - there's something for you - you can bank on that. I have developed these workshops from my own walk and from the love I have for living a happy and balanced life. Give it a try. You can come to a workshop or set up a private session to get some insight on a plan that's tailor-made for you. I wish you the very best. May you be well, may you be happy, may you thrive. ❤



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