Recalibrating New Moon Retreat

December 7 – 14 2018

Barra Grande, Bahia – Brazil


This is a eight-day retreat including full board (all meals included). Itinerary of activities focused on spiritual, emotional and energetic well-being. Monastic schedule includes meditation at sunrise, light and healthy meals and juices, and early retreat to our rooms. Mingling at bars and alcoholic drinks are strongly discouraged. – the intent here is to focus on renewal. These dates have been selected due to the particular New Moon present in the sky during this period which calls us to shed old skin and step forth into our gifts, talents, special abilities and super powers.




The days will have varied content and much of what will be shared will be organized intuitively according to those present and what they are in need of. Full schedule will be published two weeks in advance of the retreat. All events are co-hosted by a holistic practitioner that suits our highest intentions. Below are likely activities and what to expect from a typical day. One or two activities in the morning, and one or two at sunset or early evening.


-yoga                                                    -chanting

-meditation                                           -mudras

-aromatherapy                                      -rituals for transformation and letting go of past experiences

-drumming circle                                  -dancing/dynamic expression

-creative arts                                        -sound bath

-walking meditations on the beach     -time for solitude


Light and healthy diet: The intent behind offering full board is that your well-being be supported by easily digestible and nutritious meals so that with each day your body will feel more rested and free of toxins. It is recommended that you do not ingest alcohol, tobacco or any other toxic substance during your stay. You can always plan a few days post retreat for alternative recreation.


Aroma Therapy: Each member will take home their own spray elixir for use during meditation so as to facilitate tuning into the higher vibrations achieved during the retreat, activating their sensory memory, bringing back memories of peace and bliss wherever you go.


Contemplative practices: Each day will bring its own practice. Practices will be specially formulated for practitioners of any level of experience including the beginner. The intention is working subtle energies, rather than getting a work out. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to exercise throughout the day and during long walks on the beach.


Therapeutic Soirées : During these precious soirees, the retreatant will receive and experience techniques originating from various places and traditions of the world. Emotional release therapy (tapping), praṇayama, mantras, mudras, sound bath, drum circle, transformation circles, transformative rituals, Sufi spin dance, dynamic meditation and many other approaches that are conducive to balance and emotional resilience.


The intention in promoting these encounters is that you be immersed in a daily practice that supports you in a healthy lifestyle and that you can take home with you by transposing these practices into your daily routine.


Activities are designed to allow enough time for your own solitude, so you can enjoy long walks on the beach, or schedule a therapeutic massage with one of our local partners who apply deep healing massages. These are charged separately at US$50/ 60min session


Lomi-Lomi – Hawaiian Emotionally Healing Massage

Raindrop – Aromatherapy Balancing massage

Deep Rest Massage – Transformative Relaxation





Born in São Paulo and raised in the state of Maryland in the United States, as a little girl I was curious about the things of life and eager to answer the complex questions of life that were way beyond my years. Deeply connected to the spiritual realm, I felt a longing for something I did not yet know in this life, but it felt like infinite love. In time, I came to believe that I would be a doctor or a nurse because I was so interested in healing and caring for people.


Over the years I decided to go back to college when I was nearing 30 and study

Social Sciences and emphasized my studies in sociology of religion.  I had been initiated and worked at a spiritual healing center for seven years in the country city of Sao Carlos in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I stayed on the path by learning about herbs, essential oils and new levels of consciousness on earth. The universe was orchestrating my path and after cultivating a personal yoga practice for close to 20 years, I decided to obtain certification as a teacher. I completed certification in Yoga and Healing Arts and began volunteering at a lifeline for youth in crisis. I went on to complete a master’s degree in Yoga Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and became increasingly interested in contemplative practices and their role in well-being and mental health. I began working with mental health when a friend approached me about her son who had just been hospitalized with a possible diagnosis of schizophrenia. It’s been almost 7 years now specializing in emotional resilience, post trauma rehabilitation, and navigating suicidal ideation. What this path has shown me is that it is possible for peace and happiness to coexist with pain and trauma at a level where there is consciousness, acceptance and love.


I invite you, fellow life-o-naut, to come spend a few days at the North Wind Zen Space and indulge in what the universe has prepared for you, openly – without fear and without prejudice. If you are reading this message, life is nudging you to action. Come and receive the gift that was prepared for you with much love.



Eight-day retreat including full board: US$850 per person*


*see important information under Accommodations heading below

*this price is a promotional


Arrival: Dec 7thafternoon

Departure: Dec 14thmorning


Getting There:


Airline Tickets: It really depends where you’ll be flying in from, but out of LAX there is a very comfortable American Airlines flight that flies straight into GRU. If you time yourself right you’ll be there in one shot and not have to fuss with connections or bags. Ticket prices vary of course, but I’d say US$1,200 – US$1,400 is the norm. I’ve seen them go for less and for more, so just start watching prices today and don’t rush. It’ll all come together perfectly –just breathe.


Another option is a layover in South America which I’ve done multiple times as well. You can stop in Panama City, or Chile or Mexico City and each of those is absolutely doable and can save you a couple hundred dollars. Just beware, that $600 ticket via Lima, Peru might have an 18 hour layover so always read the flight details. Nothing wrong with a long layover as well as you are mentally prepared for it. Those airlines are Air Mexico, LATAM, Copa Airlines, but you might want to do a generalized search on Travelocity or Kayak, and then also visit each airline website because sometimes you’d find a better deal there – really case by case.



International arrival is best via São Paulo International (GRU) but you might just want to quote your flights through to Ilhéus (IOS) as that way you just fly through. You still have to collect your bags at baggage claim at GRU and then dispatch them again with your connecting airline (all without leaving the security area of course). When you’re flying through directly you can get away with two bags whereas when traveling domestically you’ll have to pay for the second bag. PS: you don’t need to pack a lot if you’re coming exclusively for the retreat. Nothing is fancy and once you’re here your feet will only ever want to see flip flops. Clothing is super light and you’ll probably spend most of the day in beach wear.


Once you arrive to Ilhéus airport (IOS) we can arrange transportation for you in an air-conditioned car or van depending on if you can be grouped with others or not. I highly recommend that you plan to arrive as early as possible to IOS because if you arrive past 4pm there’s a big chance you’ll have to sleep in Ilheus and be picked up next morning or that you’ll arrive to Camamú and the bay crossing will no longer be available.


Your car/van ride will last about an hour and a half and there’s a great spot for a quick eat and a pee break about 40 minutes into the drive at the Casa da Empada which I highly recommend. You will arrive in Camamú where you will have to take a boat to Barra Grande and then an ATV to the house. I know it sounds daunting, but you will understand why this place is so special and I am here to support you every step of the way. Groups are very small and we will work closely together to make it all work.


I’ve included the cost of transportation in your daily rate to make life easier but in rare cases accommodating any special needs might result in a surcharge, such as of course, if you need to spend the night somewhere due to your arrival plans, so make sure to work closely with me on your logistics.


Visa Information:


It’s your lucky year! Getting a visa to Brazil just got easier! You can basically go through the process online starting here:


I can’t really be responsible for anything pertaining to visas, but I can recommend the following: make sure to apply for a visa plenty of time in advance so you are not freaking out last minute. It seems the e-visa process is waaaaay quicker and easier – have a look online and time yourself accordingly.


General Information:



We hear a lot about how Brazil is dangerous…. and it is, but no more than larger cities in general. Sao Paulo requires as much care as a large city anywhere on the globe such as New York. I got my laptop nicked from my bag at JFK, but it could just as easily happen at GRU so use your better judgement. Most signage is in English and Portuguese so you’ll be fine.


Weather: The weather in Barra Grande is temperate year-round but it’s a little chillier ocean front, so it’s always nice to bring a light layer to block the chill.


Insects and Wildlife: True – we will be in the middle of lush, untamed nature. That said, I’ve been going to this location for close to 12 years and have never had any dangerous run-ins. There are always mosquitoes where there is tropical greenery so I’d bring repellant, some cortisone cream or whatever in case a bite acts up, and some serious sunscreen. When I’m on the beach before 9am I wear no sunscreen, but after then, you’ll definitely need a pretty sturdy screen. I usually start at 70 or 50 and then work my way down to 30. Trust me, you’ll tan more beautifully if you’re protected than if you get sunburned on the first day – that will surely make your stay a nightmare.


Immunizations: Traveling between the US and Brazil, one is not required to have vaccines, but it’s totally up to you. Yellow fever and Hepatitis come to mind, but I’ve been traveling back and forth for 54 years and haven’t had a run in with any of those even in going to India. You do need to be mindful and do as your heart guides.


Accommodations: The house is ocean front and the retreat is intimate. It’s an amazing property that is tastefully and comfortably equipped with air-conditioning in all bedrooms. All bedrooms are suites and the configuration is as follows:


Upstairs: 3 double suites with private bathrooms.

Downstairs: 2 triple rooms with single beds and private baths.


The house sleeps 10. I will always be co-hosting the event with a trusted colleague that will be bringing their wonderful talent as well, so that leaves 8 beds. We will work case by case in assigning beds, but we can’t guarantee private rooms really. This is the nature of this property and I’m happy to discuss scheduling a tailor-made retreat for a specific group if you’d like but our group retreats at this location don’t provide for private suites. Prices are per individual, not per room.


What to Expect: In case you missed it up there somewhere, this retreat has been conceived in providing you with an unforgettably delicious experience of learning and cleansing in nature. That said, I’d really like to stress that the days while you stay at the Zen Space be reserved for a monastic style of living. Light eating, early to rise, early to bed type of routine and plenty of silent, contemplative time. If you are looking for a wild time at bars and partying, you can always plan this retreat after a few days in Rio or Salvador or anywhere else where you can get all that out of your system. ; ) I love all that too in its time, but I don’t want you to be let down.


That’s basically it. Please feel free to contact me at: for any more specific information.