Emotional Support Sessions

Thoughtfully tailored support tools to sustain you through whatever season or circumstance you may be navigating.

Establishing a good support system can keep you safe from fostering longer term mental and emotional disruption to your daily life and routine. These sessions are by no means a substitute for medical treatment, but are a valuable complement to any treatment you may be undergoing including recovery from complex medical procedures or impactful emotional event.

Sessions can be via online platform such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc or in person depending on location, and are intended to be scheduled as needed. In other words, you decide how much support and follow up you need.

Online Session: $90/hr

In Person: please quote via email


Facilitated Group/Individual Meditation

From hospice-style settings to office and conference style gatherings - recharging is vital to recovery and performance alike. Setting up a space where individuals can take a break and regain mental brightness and vigor through participating in guided meditation can make crucial changes in ones efficiency and expression. Ample experience with mental health and crisis situations.

Sessions start at $75/hr +$25 per participant up to 10. Please inquire about alternate scenarios.


Always reach for the better feeling...

I realize these options are not attainable for all my public and do a considerable amount of volunteer work in order to further mental and emotional wellness. Please inquire about joining one of those groups via email. I wish you well ❤